Why Concrete Basins?

Concrete offers beautiful aesthetics along with functional practicality. Concrete’s unique texture, finish and feel makes it a fantastic material choice for bathroom basins. Blend Concrete Design offers five different handcrafted concrete surface mounted basin designs, each in 13 concrete colours. Each design features a different shape, from beautiful soft curves to strong straight lines. Select a concrete basin in the perfect shape and size to complement the design and layout of your bathroom.


Blend Concrete Design also offers a stunning handcrafted concrete standing basin, the Aurora. The Aurora freestanding concrete basin is the perfect feature piece in any bathroom. The pedestal design is significantly smaller than vanities with cabinetry making them the perfect choice for powder rooms, half baths and smaller bathrooms. Choose from Blend Concrete Design’s range of concrete colours to complement the tones in your bathroom and perfectly tie in your tapware and other fixtures. Alternatively, add a splash of colour and make your concrete freestanding basin a statement piece.


Each of Blend’s handcrafted concrete basin designs have a matching handcrafted concrete mirror allowing beautiful combinations to be created in bathroom spaces.  Blend Concrete Design’s range of handcrafted concrete bathroom pieces allows concrete basin and concrete bathroom mirror combinations in the same material and in matching shapes and colours. This pairing creates a sense of balance within a space unlike any other material combination. Consider pairing the Comet Concrete Basin with the Sol Concrete Mirror, the Crescent Concrete Basin and the Aurora Concrete Freestanding Basin with the Arc Concrete Mirror, the Eclipse Concrete Basin with the Lunar Concrete Mirror and the Horizon Concrete Basin with the Stellar Concrete Mirror."