Why Concrete Mirrors?

With four designs to choose from, Blend Concrete Design’s handcrafted concrete mirrors are the perfect addition to any bathroom, living space, dressing room or walkway. Each design comes in two sizes and 13 colours, allowing you to select the perfect concrete mirror for your space. Our one-of-a-kind concrete mirrors truly stand out when bathed in natural light. When choosing where to install your concrete mirror, consider areas that are well lit to allow your concrete mirror to reflect the light and make your room feel larger and more spacious.


Each concrete mirror design comes with a backlit option. Backlighting is a great way to introduce soft lighting into your space and create a sense of atmosphere. Consider concrete bathroom mirrors for a gorgeous glow that will instantly give the space a luxe feel and to enhance the other features in your space, such as vanities. Concrete mirrors are also a beautiful addition to dressing rooms and entryways where good lighting is needed for grooming, makeup application or checking one’s appearance.


The sleek and modern design of Blend Concrete Design’s handcrafted concrete mirrors adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space.  Concrete mirrors are also a fantastic way to increase the perceived size and depth of your room, dressing room or walkway. Consider using a large concrete mirror and a small concrete mirror combination to create a chic and elegant feature.


Blend Concrete Design offers a matching concrete basin for each of its four concrete mirror designs. Our selection of pigment based concrete colours mean you can either choose to match the colour of your concrete mirror to your concrete basin, or spice things up by opting for two different concrete colours. Consider pairing the Sol Concrete Mirror with the Comet Concrete Basin, the Arc Concrete Mirror with the Crescent Concrete Basin or Aurora Concrete Freestanding Basin, the Lunar Concrete Mirror with the Eclipse Concrete Basin and the Stellar Concrete Mirror with the Horizon Concrete Basin.