Tor Concrete Coffee Table

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A masterful fusion of modern and classic design, the Tor Concrete Coffee Table is the perfect centrepiece for any indoor or outdoor living space.

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Please allow 5-6 weeks for production.

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A one of a kind coffee table handcrafted from Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC)


Inspired by the way different geometric shapes of a tor fuse together to form one unique and beautiful structure

Production lead time of 5-6 weeks

A design unlike any other concrete coffee table

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Sealed using a high-quality sealant making it stain and scratch resistant

More resistant to cracking than furniture made from traditional concrete

Moveable when re designing your space or relocating

Handcrafted using high quality materials and quality driven manufacturing techniques


Dimensions: 1000mm L x 650mm W x 400mm H

Weight: 70kg

Finish: Satin – low sheen

Download: Specification Sheet

All dimensions and weights are estimated. Due to the nature of concrete, there may be slight variations in colour, finish, size and weight


Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC)

Our FRC is a cement based composite material comprised of cement, fine aggregate, water, acrylic co-polymer and fibres. It’s the infusion of fibres that distinguishes fibre reinforced concrete from traditional concrete. The fibres in the material reinforce the concrete, much as steel reinforcement does in traditional concrete.

Concrete colours

We mix coloured oxide pigment into the concrete mix – our colours are not ‘painted on’.

Unique characteristics

Just like stone or natural timber, fibre reinforced concrete is a natural product and features unique, natural and raw textures and tonal qualities. Air pockets, colour variation and natural patina are distinctive qualities of concrete.

No staining or scratching

We apply high-quality, UV stable sealers to protect our concrete surfaces from staining and scratching. If you spill your cup of coffee, simply wipe the spill as soon as you can. Like other materials, such as stone, you’ll stain the sealer (not the concrete) if you leave spills on your concrete surface for a long period of time.


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A Mist Grey Tor Concrete Coffee table in an open minimalist living space.

Reasons to adore the Tor

a unique and original design

perfect balance of organic curves and bold straight edges

suitable for indoor and outdoor use

designed and handcrafted in Australia

protected from staining and scratching

can be moved around your space

Inspired by natural rock formations

The Tor Concrete Coffee Table design is inspired by the way different geometric shapes of a tor fuse together to form one unique and beautiful structure.

By combining both organic curves and bold straight edges, the design is a nod to the contrasting elements in natural rock formations

A Dingo Tor Concrete Coffee Table in a loft apartment with brick wall and big windows.

Product Spotlight

  • A side angle of the Tor Concrete Coffee Table bathed in warm sunlight and with a glass of Champagne on top.


    Unique design

  • A hand pouring a glass of red whine onto a white concrete benchtop.


    Protected from stains and scratching

  • A whitehaven Tor Concrete Coffee table in a minimalist and vast living room in front of a fireplace.


    Perfect for residential + commercial spaces

  • A Granite Grey Concrete Coffee table in front of a white could and on a grey rug.


    Moveable around your space or to a new home

Elegant and timeless

The Tor Concrete Coffee Table is a striking centrepiece. Its combination of sweeping curves and straight edges invites a softness into any indoor and outdoor living space.


Will I stain the surface if I spill coffee or tea?

No need to worry about staining the Tor Concrete Coffee Table. We apply high quality sealers to protect the concrete surface from scratches and stains. We recommend cleaning spills as soon as you can to avoid staining the sealer (not the concrete!). Like any natural material, such as timber or stone, if you leave spills on the surface for a long period of time you risk staining the sealer.


Is the Tor Concrete Coffee Table okay for outdoor use?

Yes, the sealers we apply to our concrete pieces are UV stable. Our concrete pieces are high-quality and durable, making them fantastic for outdoor use.


Is the Tor Concrete Coffee Table light enough to come with me when I move?

Yes, the Tor Concrete Coffee Table weighs approximately 70kg and can be moved around in the space or relocated if you were to move.

A selection of different coloured Blend Concrete Design concrete samples.

Can't decide on a colour?

Blend offers concrete colour samples to assist you in making a colour selection that is going to complement the other materials and colours in your space.

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